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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Death of the Constitution

The Death of the Constitution

I mourn the death of the United States Constitution. On September 11, it was only superficially wounded. It coud have recovered. But it was poisoned by Vulcan Cabal and condemned to die. The Supreme Court has just administered last rights to our beloved Constitution.

Our forefathers who fought for freedom and democracy would never have imagined how democracy and freedom would die in only two hundred and thirty years.

We no longer have a constitution. G.W. Bush has turned it into a scrap of paper. The Bill of Rights died in Guantanamo. Americans no longer have the right to a fair trial. Americans no longer have the right of Habeus Corpus. Americans are no longer protected from unreasonable search and seizure. Americans no longer have the right to due process. No! All of those constitutional rights are gone, perhaps forever. The rights that our ancestors fought and died for are now mere priviledges that can be erased any time by presidential fiat.

Does Lady Justice hide her eyes out of shame? Or does she wear that handkerchief to mop up her tears?

The constitution was designed the powers of those who govern the people. God's Anointed has transcended these limited powers and turned them into an unlimited grant of absolute and arbitrary authority. 'Commander in Chief' means that no official - no Congressman or Senator, no governor, no member of the cabinet -- can take command of a military unit away from the president. 'Commander in Chief' also means that no person can countermand a lawful military order of the president. But the president is still responsible to Congress for the raising of the army, for the maintainance of the navy and for the discipline that governs the armed forces. If that discipline does not apply to the president, then the Constitution is not worth the paper it was written on. G.W. Bush has turned 'Commander in Chief' into the engine of his dictatorship.

No longer does God's Anointed "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." He makes up his own laws as he goes along. No longer does the president "preserve, protect, and defend the constitution." He has abrogated the Geneva Conventions that are part "the supreme law of the land." He has committed the crime of starting an agressive war -- the same crime for which we hanged Nazi's at Nuremberg.

Congress has been turned into a feckless rubber stamp, corrupted by K Street money and earmarks. He who has the gold rules! Now we are ruled by the rich and greedy. Not even the Supreme Court is willing to uphold the law. With the Padilla decision, the Supreme Court has nailed the coffin shut. The legislative and judicial branches are empty facades -- Potemkin villages -- fig leaves over the erection of dictatorship.

George W. Bush did not storm the bastions of power at the head of legions like Caesar crossing the Rubicon. G.W. Bush and his cohorts subverted the constitution, like a nest of termites burrowing from within and weakening the timbers of the house of freedom. G.W. Bush works in secret, like the old Soviet Union, with a gulag spread out far beyond from our borders. After Caesar, Rome could never return to the republic, And now there is now no going back to the republic of Washington and Jefferson and Madison. After British royal rule and after the Constitution, we are now rushing headlong into America's Third Reich. Bush has paved the way for future Caligulas and future Neros.

And the worst part of this business is that we the people put this blithering idiot, this cockiminy cockup, this utter nincompoop into power. And we the people have let him get away with mendacity after mendacity and prevarication upon prevarication, He has dissembled so often that no longer knows how to tell the truth. He cannot level with the people. And his dissembling has cost the lives of many tens of thousands or more in Iraq. Every uncomfortable truth is deprecated and those who report the truth are demonized. Every agreeable falsity is extolled in the media. He dribbles out out secret information, Goebbels-like, to attack his critics and to justify his high crimes.

I call upon you, the people of America, those who love truth, those who love justice, those who love freedom, and those who love democracy to get rid of this beast in our midst. We need a revolution -- not of guns -- but of the spirit. It must be a revolution of truth! For when mendacity retigns, justice dies. When spin reigns, democracy dies. Let us renounce all allegiance to the lies of this administration!

And to the rest of you, who prize security more than liberty, I say that you should give this dictator a crown and sceptre. Then bow down and cry out:

Ecce Neo-Caesar! Ecce Imperator!
Long Live Little King George!

And government of the people, by the people, and for the people has just perished from the earth.


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