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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adolph Hitler versus Guess Who

Adolph Hitler was infamous for the big lie. Guess who benefitted from smear campaigns against John McCain and John Kerry.

Adolph Hitler came to power thanks to a breakdown of the democratic process of Weimar Germany. Guess who came to power thanks to a breakdown in the electoral process in Florida, and again in Ohio.

Adolph Hitler burned down the Reichstag in order to justify the assumption of dictatorial powers. Guess who obtained extraordinary powers after September 11.

Adolph Hitler abolished the German parliment. Guess who has castrated Congress by the use of 700 signing statements.

Adolph Hitler destroyed any vestige of independence of Germany's courts. Guess who is trying to emasculate the American courts.

A few months after coming to power, Adolph established the Dachau concentration camp. Guess who established a concentration camp at Guantanamo and secret prisons abroad.

Adolph Hitler instituted laws that deprived Jews of their rights. Guess who had many Muslim aliens arrested, held incommunicado, and deprived of constitutional rights.

Adolph Hitler's Gestapo was infamous for its use of torture. Guess who uses torture.

Eventually Adolph Hitler abolished all civil rights in Germany. Guess who has abolished the Bill of Rights.

Adolph Hitler started agressive wars against his neighbors. Guess who started an unnecessary aggressive war against Iraq.

Many Germans have wondered how the 'land of poets and thinkers' could have been enslaved by Adolph Hitler. Someday Americans will wonder how the United States could have become ensnared by the hubris and megalomania of guess who.

In all fairness, it must be noted that there are important differences between these two. One of them served on active duty during wartime and earned his nation's highest decoration.


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