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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Insanity in the White House

I am utterly appalled by a story that appeared today in The Daily Mirror of London. A memo leaked from the office of Prime Minister Tony Blair disclosed that President Bush wanted to bomb the offices of Aljazeera in Qatar. this matter was discussed by Bush and Blair at a meeting on April 16 last year. Tony Blair vehemently opposed the bombing of Alazeera.

It is uninmaginable that any sane president could ever entertain such an idea, let alone discuss it with another leader. After all, Qatar is an ally in the struggle against Al Qaida's terrorism. An attack upon Qatar would have alienated friends and allies throughout the world and radicalized moderate Muslims. It would have been a huge victory for Al Qaida.

It is a fact that the U.S. bombed the offiuces of Aljazeera in both Kabul in Afganistan and Bagdad in Iraq. Our government has claimed these bombings were made through 'military error'. However, the memo from 10 Downing Street casts doubts upon the explanation of military error. The deliberate bombing of facilities of Aljazeera would constitute an act of war against Qatar and a war crime.

This matter manifests the hypocrisy of the Bush administration. Bush has taken a public stance of promoting freedom throughout the world. Then he turns around and advocates the destruction of a news organization that exercises that freedom.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job in the Oval Office. But at least, no one was injured and no one was killed. What should we do with a president who used bogus intelligence to start a war that cost the lives more than 100,000 people? It is time to impeach President Bush and remove him from office. Better that, than to let him start another misbegotten misadventure that will cost many thousands of lives.


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