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Friday, December 09, 2005

Dirty Little Secrets

Now the dirty little secrets are coming out. After many days of evasions, a government official has admitted that 'our' government is detaininging secret prisoners in secret locations.

Do you remember when our national leaders showed a "decent respect for the opinions of mankind"? Not President Bush. He has manifested a marked disdain, even contempt, for the opinions of the peoples of the world.

President Bush has shown an utter contempt for the constitution and laws of our country. He has usurped the powers of Congress and the courts. He has arrogated to himself the powers never authorized by law or constitution. He claims the power to designate any person in the world, for any reason, as an 'illegal enemy combatant' who can be abducted, held incommunicado, imprisoned for life in a secret location, and subjected to 'harsh treatments' short of organ failure and death. And this happened without democratic oversight or judicial review.

This is the foundation of tyranny!

He has undermined trial by jury. He has no regard for 'due process' or 'habeas corpus'. These rights are the foundations of our liberties and our greatest protecton against tyrannical government.

Within living memory, our country sponsored tyrannies in foreign lands. Once again, tyranny is upon our soil!


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