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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Victory in Iraq

President Bush has complained that his critics have no plan for winning the war in Iraq. So let me, in all modesty, propose a ten-point plan for victory in Iraq:

1. Have Congress declare that a 'state of war' exists.

2. Invoke war powers and pass laws making criticism of the war a crime.

3. Reinstate the draft and induct a million your American men and women into the armed forces.

4. Repeal all the tax cuts made in the last six years.

5. Impose new taxes as required to balance the budget.

6. Disband the parliament of Iraq.

7. Appoint an Iraqi puppet to be our strongman.

8. Restructure the army and security forces of Iraq, removing those responsible for sectarian killings.

9. Seal the borders of Iraq and destroy any arms dumps left over from the days of Saddam Hussain.

10. Perform house-to-house searches throughout Iraq and confiscate all arms and ammunition.

This is the only credible and comprehensive victory plan on the table. If President Bush is truly serious about victory, he should endorse this plan and sell it to the American people. He has two years to begin the implementation this victory plan.

To paraphrase the late Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, expect that the pacification of Iraq will take ten years, cost 50,000 American lives, and we still might lose. But this is the only available plan that envisions winning -- whatever that means!


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