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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Grace

Dear family and friends, before we begin our dinner today, let us use this moment to give thanks for the blessings that we have received in the past year. Let us start by giving thanks to all those who contributed to this wondrous celebration -- to the farmers who grew the food we have on our table, and to the railroads and truckers who brought the food to our community and to the markets that sold us this food. And we are specially thankful that the American enonomy did not collapse this year as we feared it might and that enough of us were employed long enough to afford the exorbitant cost of this food. Of course, we must not forget the cooks who labored for many hours so that we may enjoy the culinary perfection of this delectable repast.

And let us not forget the one to whom we owe a special debt of gratitude. He is the one who is at the center of our thoughts on this occasion, the one who gave mightily on our behalf, the one whose presence here is essential to this celebration -- the one who is here in the flesh if not in the spirit. We give our most grateful thanks to the one who sacrificed everything -- the turkey. As that great gobbler looks down upon us from turkey heaven, I am sure that he is impressed by the loving way that his mortal coil has been roasted to perfection. He too, should be grateful for the way we have honored him today. That bird did not die in vain. Amen.


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